Keep An Eye On Your Credit – For FREE!

We’ve talked about a lot of credit tips over the past few weeks and by now you know the basics:
➡️ Don’t Close Credit Cards
➡️ Make Payments On Time
➡️ Focus On Revolving Rather Than Installment Loans
➡️ Understand What Factors Into Your Score

But, even if you know these basics tips and are following them, how can you know if the changes you’ve made IMPACT your score at all?

There are two great ways to keep an eye on your credit score, whether you need to improve it or not! Even if you think your credit is great, these tips can help you make sure your credit STAYS great and there are no inaccuracies that can hurt you down the road.

First, you should sign up for a FREE credit monitoring system and service. While these systems are NOT 100% accurate, because they do not actively pull your credit score, they will be able to let you know when CHANGES occur to your credit score such as INACCURACIES or LATE REPORTING on your credit cards. Being consistently notified can let you know when it’s time to take a deeper look at your credit score.

For a 100% ACCURATE review of your credit score is to TAKE ADVANTAGE of your right to view all three of your credit reports once a year. While many companies will claim to give you a free credit report, per FEDERAL LAW you are entitled to view your credit report once a year through
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