Prepare EARLY!

Even with your application all filled out to purchase your new home, your lender will need to confirm your information in order to be able to give you a Pre-Approval.

In order to do that your lender will need to see your DOCUMENTATION. By having your documents ready in advance you save time for both YOURSELF and your LENDER. Having your documents ready can also cut down significantly on the time it takes to get Pre-Approved, getting you to the best part of the process, SHOPPING FOR A HOUSE, much quicker! 

There are several basic documents to get the process started and some documentation that may be requested depending on your unique circumstances. Even if you don’t have these additional documents in hand, it’s helpful to know who you would need to contact if your lender asks for it.


➡ Tax Returns – 2 Years
➡ Photo ID
➡ Paystubs – 30 Days
➡ W2s – 2 Years
➡ Bank Statements – 2 Months


➡ Mortgage Statement – In the case of a refinance
➡ Gift Letter – Concerning a gift for down payment
➡ Child Support Documentation
➡ HOA Statement
➡ Homeowner’s Insurance Declaration Page

Knowing what you need to gather in advance is a huge help to getting a quick Pre-Approval and saving both you and your lender time. I’d love to help you figure out how to start working towards owning a home NOW! comment down below! 👇

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Justice Roberts

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