Do THIS Early!

You’re ready to buy a house! What’s the FIRST thing you do?

Getting Pre-Approved is one of the early parts of the process, but your actual first step should be to CHECK YOUR CREDIT EARLY! I have had so many clients wait until the last minute to work on their Pre-Approval, waiting until a month before their lease is up, only to not be able to make it work because:

  • Their credit score is not as high as they thought it was
  • There are inaccuracies on their credit report
  • They have collections or late payments on their credit report they didn’t even know about!

These factors don’t have to put a stop to your DREAM OF OWNING A HOME, but can significantly impact your timeline. By making the effort to check your credit BEFORE you are ready to get Pre-Approved you can find out where your credit needs to be, clear up any issues, and start working towards your credit goals.

You are always able to take advantage of getting your mandated FREE CREDIT REPORT, but sometimes the best solution is to reach out to a Mortgage Lender and get an APPLICATION STARTED even before you are ready to buy. Mortgage Lenders consider your credit score factors in a particular way, so your credit score when buying a car will not be the same as when you buy a house. Besides just finding out your score, a Loan Officer can help you figure out what areas you need to improve in and can direct you to further help if you need it.

I’d love to talk more about what a credit score plan would look like for you and the best strategies for becoming a homeowner NOW! Reach out above! ☝️

Justice Roberts Loan Officer

Justice Roberts

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