Home Related Goals to Set in 2021

 Have you started thinking about your 2021 goals? Writing down the different areas of your life you want to change and making goals for each of those areas can help make your list seem a little more achievable and a lot more organized. Some areas you might want to focus on could be your mental health, your finances, your physical health and even your home!

Maybe you’re a renter, a 30-year homeowner, looking to sell your home or even a first-time homeowner. Whatever your situation, adding some home-related goals to your 2021 list is always a good idea. 

  1. Declutter at least 1 room a month and organize all your things into keep, sell and donate piles.
  2. Redo or completely renovate at least one room in your home. If you’re a homeowner, this can increase the value of your home! It’s a great idea to do this especially if you’re looking to sell or refinance in 2021.
  3. Set up an annual home maintenance calendar. Dedicate each week or month to a maintenance project. Start with the ones you’ve been putting off the longest.
  4. Paint or replace the front door.
  5. Make a financial plan and start saving for your first home.
  6. Make an extra payment on your mortgage this year.
  7. Re-paint all your walls. Knock it out all in one week or spread it out over a few months.
  8. Make a plan for new landscaping and get an estimate of how much it will be. Start small with a few changes and add more in each year. 
  9. Paint the exterior of your house. A fresh coat of paint will up your curb appeal.
  10. Redo your roof. If you’re not due for a 20-year roof update, clean out your gutters with the change of seasons.
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