5 Tips for the Holiday Host

Are you hosting for the Holidays? Maybe you have family visiting from out of town or you’re throwing a gingerbread house decorating party. Whatever it is, inviting guests into your home can be stressful. Here are 5 tips to help make the event your hosting fun and enjoyable for everyone (especially you, the host!)

  1. Space out your cleaning: If you’re stressed about cleaning your house, make a list of every chore you want to complete before the event. Space out the chores and make a short schedule to complete them a week before you host. This is sure to help you avoid a last minute case of “shove everything in the nearest closet”.
  2. Give a warm welcome: Be sure to greet each guest as they arrive to help them feel comfortable and welcomed. Let them know where they can put their coats and bags and what the agenda is for the night. Showing them where the guest bathroom is, is never a bad idea too. 
  3.  Serve food that you are familiar with making: Stick to recipes you’ve made before or are confident you will be able to successfully recreate. Nothing is worse than a burnt main course when your guests are starting to arrive. Catering is always a great option too if cooking just isn’t your thing!
  4. Don’t forget the finishing touches: Lighting candles, playing music and making sure there is enough seating, drinks, and food for everyone makes for a cozy night in!
  5. Enjoy yourself: Don’t forget this is supposed to be fun! Put time into your preparation so you won’t be occupied with small tasks during your event. 
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